Are The Lancet’s Alcohol Consumption Forecasts Inflated?

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IWSR Analysis of Consumption Trends Suggests Future Per Capita Growth of Beverage Alcohol Drinks could be Declining


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London – A new study published in the medical journal The Lancet reports a considerable upsurge in the global consumption of alcoholic drinks. The study suggests that between 1990 and 2017, alcohol intake has jumped by as much as 70%. Importantly, the study anticipates a further per capita rise of nearly 18% to 2030, something that would put into jeopardy the World Health Organization’s targets for alcohol reduction.

“IWSR Drinks Market Analysis has tracked a similar rise in per capita alcohol consumption during the 27-year period and actually recorded a marginally higher rise of 74% in 100% alcohol intake,” says Mark Meek, IWSR’s CEO. “More recent trends might, however, question whether the momentum is in place for the alcohol sector to realise the continued growth levels predicted to 2030.”




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