We are the global leader in data, analytics and insights for the beverage alcohol industry

IWSR uniquely combines the best of data science with human intelligence to uncover the reality of the global beverage alcohol market. We are the trusted reference point for industry leaders, identifying trends, drivers of change and effective strategies.

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Our data & insight products

IWSR’s intuitive client platform is the gateway to our latest visualisation and data tools. It gives you access to all our data and insights, helping you understand global markets, drivers of change, how markets will evolve, and which strategies to adopt.

Our Science

IWSR offers proprietary longitudinal beverage alcohol market data combined with forecasts, consumer insight and innovation data, all supported by a global network of market experts. We use the latest AI-enabled data analysis techniques to deliver intelligence to the world’s leading brands.

"IWSR’s Global Database is the only common database. It feeds everything from board meetings down to daily discussions. It is a key reference"

|  Leading global wine and spirits company

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8 Key trends set to shape beverage alcohol in 2024

IWSR evaluates the trends and market forces driving the global beverage alcohol industry