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IWSR’s unique data enables you to make better-informed strategic decisions and future-proof your business.

Unrivalled knowledge base

  • No one speaks to as many key players around the world
  • No one better understands the unofficial, cross-border market
  • Conflicts reconciled between official data and market reality
  • 50+ years market and 20+ years consumer data insights
  • Unique methodology builds insights where no statistics exist.


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Unparalleled coverage

Access market data, 5-year forecasts and consumer behaviour analysis on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.


Our database tracks the following:

  • Volume consumption and retail value, segmented by price band
  • Industry drivers including ecommerce, convenience and premiumisation
  • 160+ countries, with additional in-depth analysis of key regions, such as US and India
  • Total market coverage across on and off-premises, ecommerce and global travel retail
  • Consumer drivers and attitudes, including purchase rates, awareness and new concept testing
  • Performance by brand line and brand owner
  • Product Innovation – trend features, product launches, packaging formats and marketing campaigns.



Brands we monitor

IWSR’s database tracks the global drinks market to the brand line and brand owner level. Covering all sub-categories, we are trusted by brand owners, financial companies, M&A houses, distributors, suppliers and other industry stakeholders.

We track brands with the following minimum volume consumption:

  • Wines: 500 nine-litre cases
  • Value/standard/premium spirits: 250 cases
  • High-end spirits: 50 cases
  • Beer, cider, RTDs
  • No alcohol
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If you believe your brand should be included in IWSR’s database, email: brands@theiwsr.com

Include the following in your email:

  • Name, job title and company name
  • Category: Spirits, Wine, Beer, Cider, RTD or no/low alcohol
  • Volume sales in the last year
  • Export markets (if applicable)

IWSR is an unbiased data provider for the global drinks industry. If your brand meets the criteria outlined above, we will get back in touch. There is no cost associated with this process.

"The data we get from IWSR is critical."

|   Strategy and Corporate Development Director, Multinational beverage alcohol producer

Relevant Team

Andy Noble
Andy Noble

Chief Data Officer

Antonella Reda
Antonella Reda

Data Governance Manager

Edouard Jadot
Edouard Jadot

Senior Pricing Manager

Alexandre Gater
Alexandre Gater

Data Pooling Manager

Thanos Koukoutsakis
Thanos Koukoutsakis

Senior Data Scientist

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