Strategic studies and reports – deep data, consumer research and analysis

Unlock must-have strategic insights from a unique combination of proprietary market data, longitudinal consumer insights, short and long-range forecasts, and on-the-ground human intelligence.

Our strategic studies:

Ready-to-drink (RTD) market:

In-depth examination of trends, innovations and opportunities in RTDs, such as convenience, wellness, cocktail culture and premiumisation across key markets. Refine channel approach and route-to-market plans. Access insights across attributes such as flavours, alcohol base, functionality, ABV, packaging and branding. Understand the real story behind the trend.


No and low-alcohol strategy:

Critical insight into no/low trends across key markets. Learn who the consumer is, how their relationship with alcohol is changing, and how to capture this growing segment. Formulate, validate and refine your strategy. Prioritise efforts by channel in key markets. Understand product and price positioning. Align messaging to the needs of the consumer.

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Detailed analysis of ecommerce across key markets, enabling you to optimise your portfolio and market priorities. Understand the online retail landscape and who to engage with. Review channel approach and route-to-market plans. Ensure your positioning matches the needs of consumers.


Status spirits:

The definitive source of data and insights on the prestige spirits market, with the tools to understand status spirits in the wider luxury context. Prioritise efforts in the most important markets. Build on category strategy and optimise your portfolio. Evaluate opportunities for NPD, innovation and special editions. Analyse edition and series themes. Access in-depth data on baijiu, Cognac, Scotch whisky and other international status spirits.

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Our reports:

Domestic country reports:

A unique combination of local market data and human intelligence, across 160 markets, written by on-the-ground experts. Discover the reasons underpinning growth trends. Learn about challenges and opportunities in each market. Explore market dynamics by channel, price band, category, distributor, brand owner and brand.


Global travel retail report:

The trusted source of insights, opportunities and challenges within global travel retail. Compare key global and regional trends. Assess performance against competitors. Explore sales and volume data by category, region and price segment. Learn about sub-channels, such as cruises and airline pour. Find out more about the impact of geopolitical and macro-economic changes.

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Global wine consumer strategic reports:

Cross-market analysis of key trends impacting the global wine industry, bringing together longitudinal data and industry-leading analytics. Access a breadth of information including wine ecommerce; no and low-alcohol wine; sustainable, organic and alternative wine, and IWSR’s wine market attractiveness model.


Market wine landscape reports:

Unique and market-leading combination of consumer insights on wine consumption, cross-referenced with IWSR’s wine market data. Access comprehensive consumer tracking and market performance data for key markets. Understand outlook for the wine category and shifts in consumer beverage repertoire. Learn about wine buying behaviour, choice cues and spend by occasion, in the off and on-trade.

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Global trends report:

The distilled knowledge of IWSR’s market experts combined with longitudinal consumer and market data to reveal the drivers and disruptors shaping the global beverage alcohol market. Learn about and anticipate emerging, future and key macro trends. Discover the reasons underpinning growth. Explore opportunities for innovation, product development and geographic expansion. Discover consumer habits and demands driving the market.


Innovation quarterly reports:

The key reference point for innovation in beverage alcohol. Explore in-depth trend features and micro trend reviews. Learn about marketing innovations and new product developments. Access editorial insights and exclusive Q&A sessions with key industry players.


Relevant Team


Emily Neill
Emily Neill

Chief Operating Officer Research and Operations

Yasmin Abreha
Yasmin Abreha

Head of Operations - Insights

Guy Wolfe
Guy Wolfe

Senior Insights Manager - E-Commerce and Status Spirits

Susie Goldspink
Susie Goldspink

Senior Insights Manager - RTDs and No/Low Alcohol

Roisin Vulcheva
Roisin Vulcheva

Senior Insights Manager – Beer

"When you ask questions, IWSR provide a lot of rich information to explain their insights or data. That’s extremely valuable."

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