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About IWSR

Who is IWSR?

IWSR is the leading global drinks data and analytics provider. By combining best-in-class market and consumer data, AI-enabled analytics and on-the-ground market experts, we offer a full understanding of the global beverage alcohol industry. 

We are exclusively focused on quantifying, forecasting and tracking wine, spirits, beer, cider, RTDs, and no/low alcohol across 160+ countries.

What does IWSR stand for?

IWSR originally stood for ‘International Wine and Spirits Record’. However, the company has evolved and our expertise now also covers beer, RTDs and no/low-alcohol. Therefore, we have adapted our name and we are now simply known as IWSR.

How is IWSR different from other data sources?

We are the only global drinks specialist to combine market and consumer data with a network of on-the-ground experts, to provide a crucial overlay of human intelligence. An independent survey of 70 insight leaders in 30 beverage alcohol companies scored IWSR higher against our competitors on: accuracy of data, granularity, geographic breadth, provider expertise, ease-of-use, and availability of support.

How does IWSR compile data?

IWSR maps market, consumer and macro-economic data against on-the-ground insights from our market experts. We are the only data company to visit and speak with key industry players around the world. This unique methodology gives us a clearer picture of actual consumption and a better understanding of market dynamics.

Our consumer data comes from the most comprehensive surveys of beverage alcohol drinkers conducted globally. In a typical year we will conduct over 250,000 interviews to help us understand consumer usage of, and attitudes towards, beverage alcohol.

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