Navigate change

Track and adapt to market changes:


Measure market influences and macro trend shifts over time.


Identify and understand consumer behaviour shifts.


Adopt strategies based on whether shifts are likely to be cyclical or structural.


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Respond to unexpected developments:


Quantify the impact of regulatory, political and macro-economic shifts.


Compare historical consumer and market responses to these shifts, with likely future responses.


Plan for projected impacts and maximising opportunities.


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Shape ongoing portfolio management:


Benchmark your portfolio against category performance across markets and channels.


Map the evolution of consumer preferences and sentiment.


Identify white space opportunities and competitive threats.


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Relevant Team

Richard Halstead
Richard Halstead

Chief Operating Officer Consumer Insights and Custom Analytics

Marten Lodewijks
Marten Lodewijks

President IWSR US

Luke Tegner
Luke Tegner

Consulting Director

"It’s critical to have IWSR’s data when markets are changing."

|  CEO, Leading spirits producer

Our solutions will help you:

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Identify growth opportunities

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Leverage consumer sentiment

Global data

Drive innovation

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