US Navigator – state by state deep dive

IWSR’s US Navigator offers the only holistic monthly view of the total United States beverage alcohol market at the state level.
Designed in collaboration with a Client Advisory Board of US drinks market experts, Navigator provides a more granular view of US consumption data, including a breakdown of state-level category data by price tier and channel.

Modelling the detail you need, to:

  • Understand seasonality of consumption trends by state
  • Monitor the impact of marketing campaigns or external influences on market performance
  • Pivot quickly in response to market performance changes
  • Analyse performance alongside IWSR’s Global Database


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Relevant Team

Marten Lodewijks
Marten Lodewijks

President IWSR US

Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers

Research Director – North America

Alexandre Gater
Alexandre Gater

Data Pooling Manager

"The data we get from IWSR is critical."

|  Strategy and Corporate Development Director, Multinational beverage alcohol producer

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