Identify growth opportunities 

Understand the drivers of growth:


Quantify size and growth potential of key markets and categories, and understand how they have developed over time.


Track competitive threats from key incumbent and emerging competitors, and understand why they are gaining traction.


Identify gaps in the market, such as categories entering a new growth phase, and define opportunities to grow market share.

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Quantify your opportunities:


Identify your most dynamic channels and categories, and the consumer behaviours driving performance.


Determine complementary geographies, new business lines and customer segments to target.


Evaluate the most valuable revenue streams, align strategy with market shifts, and plan for effective resource management.

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Develop your growth strategy:


Identify how growth will be delivered via existing or new products.


Develop innovation and M&A strategies.


Assess risks and potential scenarios.


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Relevant Team

Richard Halstead
Richard Halstead

Chief Operating Officer Consumer Insights and Custom Analytics

Marten Lodewijks
Marten Lodewijks

President IWSR US

Luke Tegner
Luke Tegner

Consulting Director

"IWSR are mission critical for new countries as that helps us decide how much investment we want to put in a specific market."

|  Multinational vodka producer

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