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2016 US On-Premise Insights: Cocktail Trends

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Included in this On-Premise Insights report:

  • Craft cocktail bar menu analysis across 25 key US cities; find out what these 'bartender bars' are selling by cocktail, price, brand and regional differences
  • Analysis of overall on- and off-premise consumption, key factors and the future of cocktails in the US
  • New on-premise operator data on cocktails: brand choices, mixer quality, menu change frequency, bartender recommendations, consumer preference and channel segmentation
  • Ten years of 20 classic cocktails; when categories and brands spike and why.

Want to know more?

For US sales enquiries, contact Brandy Rand

Brandy Rand, President – US Office

Brandy Rand has over 17 years marketing and management experience in the beverage alcohol industry. She has worked on dozens of global brands for Allied Domecq Spirits & Wines and Bacardi USA and has held strategic consulting roles with several companies in the emerging craft and innovation sector. With her knowledge of the beverage industry, consumer insights and passion for uncovering trends, she’s also known as an accomplished educator and writer. At the IWSR, Brandy oversees the US and Canada as well as global marketing and public relations.

Email: brandy@theiwsr.com

For all other sales enquiries, contact Graziella Jeffery

Graziella Jeffery, Business Development Director

Graziella has a very strong international background which is a prerequisite when dealing with a global market like the wine and spirits industry.

She is French Italian, and has also lived in Spain. She has travelled extensively to meet clients in Europe and the US when she used to work in the pharmaceutical industry as an account manager selling syndicated research and consultancy to international companies.

Email: graziella@theiwsr.com
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7689 6834