Strategic Studies


A longitudinal tracker of consumer sentiment towards total beverage alcohol (TBA)

IWSR Bevtrac enables you to understand how and why the market is evolving and who is driving these changes.

Combining IWSR’s proprietary granular market data with consumer data allows you to understand the key consumer drivers that impact brand and category choice by channel, price point and occasion. The bi-annual tracker allows you to monitor category usage incidence, frequency, intensity and attitude of beverage alcohol consumers with a consistent and transparent methodology.


Bevtrac can help you find the answer:

  • To what extent are people reducing or eliminating alcohol from their lifestyles?
  • How are alcohol repertoires changing overall? By market?
  • Are there connections between alcohol categories within repertoires? (e.g. Do Prosecco drinkers also drink gin?)
  • What are the attitudes of each generation towards the future, finances and socialising?
  • How is recalled spend changing and expecting to change?
  • Is the rum category recruiting enough younger legal drinking age (LDA) drinkers in Asia?
  • Who is buying Scotch whisky in India?
  • Are people likely to spend more or less on bourbon in the US over the next 6 months?
  • How much more demand is there for premium tequila in the world compared with current volumes?
  • Who should I be targeting with my new product launch in RTDs?


Our proprietary data acts as a foundation for our clients’ strategic planning & investment decisions:

  • Make brand planning and forecasting decisions
  • Understand consumer targets and market opportunities
  • Analyse like-for-like comparative insights for key markets
  • Identify new and emerging trends, and monitor evolving trends across broader consumer sentiment, premiumisation, moderation, innovation, and alternative beverages
  • Access one version of the truth for consumer behaviour and attitude in TBA


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  • Markets included:
  • • Australia
  • • Brazil
  • • Canada
  • • China
  • • France
  • • Germany
  • • India
  • • Italy
  • • Japan
  • • Mexico
  • • South Africa
  • • Spain
  • • Taiwan
  • • United Kingdom
  • • United States

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