Cannabis Strategic Study

What are the real risks and opportunities to consumption behaviour?

IWSR Cannabis Strategic Study hones in on Beverage Alcohol, Cannabis and the Changing US Consumer. This is the first report to look at the impact of cannabis on alcohol through the lens of beer, wine and spirits consumers, in collaboration with BDS Analytics

Analysis: We will examine your customer behaviour and consumption choices based on demographics and state-level alcohol and cannabis data to provide actionable insights on inhale and imbibe occasions.

Strategic focus: We want to bring you new thinking to provide thought starters for how your team and organisation can benefit from rethinking beverage alcohol in a present and future that includes legal cannabis.

Thought leadership: This report will not be full of sensationalist statements; instead we will offer measured data and analysis that is applicable to your current business planning.


Based on this report, you will be able to:

  • Cannabis and Alcohol are different—different buzz/inebriation, different forms/methods, different consumers, different occasions. Despite the news and scare tactics, it is important to not think of this as black and white or a one-for-one relationship between alcohol and cannabis. NOT every dollar spent on legal cannabis is a dollar taken from alcohol—it is much more complex than that
  • There is not one cannabis consumer—Adults 21+ across demographics, attitudes, behaviors are exploring the new cannabis landscape and using for multi-faceted purposes
  • There is a risk to alcohol due to legal cannabis and the risk will be bigger as cannabis acceptance and consumption grows—The important thing is to understand the risk, the size of the risk, and what it means long-term
  • Legal cannabis presents substantial opportunities across consumer industries—new occasions that alcohol cannot and will not play, new and different product forms, pairing opportunities, new consumers, and more
  • Opportunity to learn from legal cannabis—what is working and not working within legal cannabis to guide strategy, product development, brand innovation within other industries

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