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“The Patrón Spirits portfolio of ultra-premium luxury brands is expanding quickly in markets across the world, and the tools and expertise that the IWSR provides from up-to-date and reliable market and category research, to the latest in-depth news and trends is an invaluable resource to us as we continue to grow our business.”
Jason Nussbaum, Vice President, International Marketing, Patrón

The key categories of the beverage alcohol market (wines, spirits, beer, cider and mixed drinks) are split into a total of 174 sub-categories, allowing you to evaluate the category exactly as you need to see it.

  • 12 key wine category segments by country of origin.
  • Up to 27 key spirits category segments.
  • Up to 8 price segments.
  • Over 20,500 brands.

Still Wine

Still Wine

  • Traditional Still Wine
  • Flavoured Still Wine
  • Carbonated Wine

Sparkling Wine


Other Sparkling

  • Asti
  • Cava
  • Traditional Sparkling Wine
  • Flavoured Sparkling Wine
  • Semi-sparkling Wine
  • Lambrusco
  • Prosecco

Light Aperitifs


Wine Aperitifs

  • Americano
  • Other Wine Aperitifs
  • Fruit-Based Aperitifs

    • Guignolet (French)
    • Other Fruit-Based Aperitifs

    Other Light Aperitifs

Fortified Wine

Sherry/Sherry Style

  • Sherry
  • Sherry-Style

Port/Port Style

  • Port
  • Port-Style
  • Madeira

Other Fortified

  • Marsala
  • Malaga
  • Pineau
  • Vin Doux Naturel
  • Montilla
  • Mavrodaphne
  • Malmsey
  • Muscat
  • ---Samos
  • ---Setubal
  • ---Other Muscat
  • Hanepoot
  • Vin De Liqueurs
  • Fortified Dessert Wine
  • Kommandaria
  • Other Other Fortified

Other Wines

Rice-Based Wines

  • Cheong Ju (Korean)
  • Sake
  • Other Rice-Based Wines

Other Wine

  • Fruit Wine
  • Fortified Fruit Wine
  • Still Fruit Wine
  • Sparkling Fruit Wine
  • Plum Wine

Flavoured Wine

  • Sangria
  • Ginger Wine
  • Glüehwein
  • Tonic Wine
  • Other Flavoured Wine

Other other Wine

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