Covid-19 Consumer Tracker Report Series

Identifying and tracking the impact of Covid-19 on consumer sentiment & behaviour

Covid-19 has changed the way consumers think about, purchase and consume beverage alcohol. The Covid-19 Consumer Tracker will help you monitor and plan for these shifts in consumer behaviour.

Released in three waves, the Covid-19 Consumer Tracker is an in-depth consumer sentiment research report series identifying and tracking the impact of Covid-19 on the consumption of and attitude to beverage alcohol up to September 2021.

Delivering unique and timely consumer insights on:

  • Category consumption behaviour: spirits, beer, wine, cider, RTDs and fresh cocktails
  • Typical spend by category
  • Consumption occasions, including new pandemic / lockdown occasions
  • Purchase channel behaviour, including attitudes to ecommerce
  • Future intentions: discretionary spending, travel, relationship with food and drink

The Covid-19 Consumer Tracker enables you to:

  • Monitor evolving consumer attitude and behaviour in today’s fast-changing world over the next 12 months in key markets.
  • Gain insight into new drinking occasions and purchase channels.
  • Prioritise efforts in key markets for alcoholic drinks
  • Build on your category strategy and optimise your portfolio
  • Understand the new landscape for purchasing channels
  • Review your route to market plans
  • Ensure your messaging matches the needs and values of your target consumer
  • Focus on pushing the right products in the right way as part of your price positioning
  • Align brand strategy with consumer behaviours and preferences


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  • • Brazil
  • • China
  • • France
  • • Germany
  • • Italy
  • • Japan
  • • Russia
  • • Spain
  • • UK
  • • US
  • • Mexico
  • • India
  • • Kenya
  • • Nigeria
  • • Colombia
  • • South Africa

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