Custom Analytics

Custom Analytics

In-depth analysis to answer your most pressing business questions

The IWSR Custom Analytics team know the beverage alcohol business better than any other external consultancy. Use our knowledge and expertise to push your business forward

Today’s trade environment means you need answers to more complex business questions. IWSR Custom Analytics can provide you with bespoke analysis and insights to help guide your strategy, with in-market expertise from our experienced analysts.

We can help your business navigate the fast-evolving landscape, assessing the current market dynamics, forecasting future scenarios and helping to plan for the long term.

Four other examples of our custom analytics capabilities and the questions we can answer:


Category, territory and brand assessments

  • The published IWSR reports are great, but my category and country groupings are different. What are the key headline trends for my defined categories/regions?
  • What does the future bring for what I see as my addressable market?
  • Who or what should I be keeping my eye on, and why?


Guidance on investment/M&A in beverage alcohol

  • What emerging brands are interesting to look at, given certain guidance metrics?
  • Where could these brands go, given intelligent investment?
  • Would they be suited to my current portfolio and structure?


Bespoke datasets and visualisation

  • How can IWSR data be integrated into my visualisation systems?
  • How can IWSR data be customised to my company’s sectoral and regional reality?
  • IWSR forecasts are great, but we have a different view of the world. Can you help with customised forecasting?


Product Launch ‘Size of the Prize’

  • What can be learned from past launches by the competition?
  • Where do I find the biggest value opportunity, and will there be cannibalisation product existing sales?
  • What are the best and worst scenarios for our impending launch?


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