Global Category Insights

The crucial headlines and insight for key global categories

Each report of the IWSR Global Category Insights’ is focused on one category and provides a concise and complete picture of the trends and sales movements of the previous year, using the IWSR’s data

Global Category Insights give you an immediate focus on important points, with speed to insight that provides actionable insights and allows you to focus on the issues that matter. The easy-to-use format means there is no need to manage vast amounts of data.

Key features include:

  • Executive summary
  • Recent volume development
  • Key brand owners and brand lines
  • Key growth markets – where are the developing trends?
  • Pricing segmentation – is the premiumisation trend present in this category, and if so, what are the reasons behind this?
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  • Categories covered:
  • • Scotch
  • • Gin
  • • Vodka
  • • Rum
  • • Brandy
  • • International whisky
  • • Tequila
  • • Mixed drinks

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