Global Category Spotlights

One category, one concise and complete picture

The IWSR Global Category Spotlight reports look at pivotal trends from around the world, giving you a picture of what is driving the category and where the biggest opportunities for your business lie.

The reports are compiled from the IWSR analysts’ in-market research, along with over 1,600 face-to-face interviews with key industry players.


Use these reports to discover:

  • The key macro trends and their global reach: the category’s current performance
  • Forecasted growth: where the numbers are headed
  • Category disruptors: growth opportunities to guide business strategy
  • Brand highlights: top performers to help benchmark against the industry
  • Market performance broken down by consumption and brand, giving you a deep dive into key market trends and driving factors
  • Markets to watch: the countries that will make an impact
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  • Categories covered:
  • • Scotch
  • • Gin
  • • Vodka
  • • Rum
  • • International whisky
  • • Tequila
  • • Aperitifs/Bitters
  • • Cognac

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