Strategic Studies

Ecommerce: a strategic roadmap for alcoholic beverages

How will ecommerce develop over the next 10 years?

IWSR Global Ecommerce Strategic Study is a focused ecommerce assessment for the alcoholic drinks space from industry leading experts the IWSR, covering 11 top ecommerce markets for internationally traded alcohol brands, and nine additional focus markets

For each country:

  • How ecommerce for alcoholic drinks stacks up against total trade
  • Category level ecommerce performance, historical and forecast
  • Detailed assessment of channels to market as well as optimum route-to-market
  • An understanding of consumer demand and how your consumers recommend, interact with and buy from ecommerce channels

Strategic focus

  • The report contains a comprehensive strategic view delivered by recognised thought leaders in ecommerce

Based on case studies, we’ll share:

  • What the optimum ecommerce team looks like
  • Best-in-class ecommerce channel strategies and brand positioning
  • Winning ecommerce strategies from leading global brands outside of alcoholic drinks
  • How to protect your brands online
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  • Markets included:
  • • Australia
  • • Brazil
  • • China
  • • Croatia
  • • Czech Republic
  • • France
  • • Germany
  • • Italy
  • • Japan
  • • Mexico
  • • Nigeria
  • • Philippines
  • • Poland
  • • Russia
  • • South Africa
  • • Spain
  • • Thailand
  • • United Kingdom
  • • United States
  • • Vietnam

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