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No- and Low-Alcohol Strategic Study

How do brands win in this space?

IWSR No- and Low-Alcohol Strategic Study provides critical insight into how some drinkers are drinking less alcohol around the globe, some drinkers don’t drink at all and some never have, but they may not go for soft drinks either

This comprehensive strategic report will provide a global view on who the consumer is, why some are drinking less or not at all, and what you can do to take share of this growing segment. Ascertain the size and the key trends of the low- and no-alcohol market, delivered by the world’s authority on beverage alcohol. The study covers beer and cider, still and sparkling wine, RTD and mixed drinks and spirit alternatives.


To meet these challenges, this study will:

  • Provide on-the-ground insight into the growing low- and non-alcoholic beverage sector, market by market.
  • Conduct key in-market stakeholder interviews – to cover what is the current status and the future of this sector.
  • In-depth consumer insights qualifying consumer attitudes to this market segment.
  • In-depth analysis of non-alcoholic bar menus – analysis of relevant bar menus in key cities for each country.
  • Utilise our trend spotter teams to identify the key new trends in this area, with a focus on what is a fad and what is here to stay.


Based on this report, you will be able to:

  • Formulate, validate and refine your no- and low-alcohol strategy.
  • Prioritise no- and low-alcohol efforts by channel in 10 key markets.
  • Plan for current and future consumption.
  • Evaluate what has and hasn’t worked in this space.
  • Make informed decisions on the correct product and price positioning.
  • Align your messaging to the needs and values of your target consumer.
  • Focus on pushing the right products in the right way without cannibalising your existing portfolio of products.
  • Assess the scale of the challenge to your alcoholic beverage portfolio from the trend to low-and no-alcohol.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of no- and low-alcohol innovation.


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  • Markets included:
  • • Australia
  • • Brazil
  • • Canada
  • • France
  • • Germany
  • • Japan
  • • South Africa
  • • Spain
  • • United Kingdom
  • • United States
  • Plus markets to watch
  • • Gulf Region
  • • Malaysia and Indonesia

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