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Global Ready-to-Drink Alcohol Strategic Study

The Evolution of the Ready-to-Drink Alcohol Market

From flavour to function, the RTD category, including hard seltzers, is growing as consumer demand for convenience is growing at an ever-increasing pace.

Driven by factors such as wellness, cocktail culture, quality ingredients, premiumization, daytime and outdoor consumption RTDs have evolved to capture key consumption trends.

While currently the top three markets make up over 70% of global RTD volumes, emerging markets are quickly scaling up to keep pace as younger generations demand on-the-go products that don’t compromise on taste.

This study assesses the current and future evolution of the dynamic RTD category, leveraging IWSR’s on-the-ground insights and new consumer field research.

IWSR includes the following sub-categories in RTDs:

  • Cocktails and Long Drinks
  • FABs
  • Hard Coffee
  • Hard Kombucha
  • Hard Seltzers
  • Hard Tea
  • Wine Spritzers/Coolers

This study will help you identify:

  • Growth and impact of hard seltzers and other RTDs by leading and emerging markets.
  • Consumer attitudes on RTDs versus other categories and frequency and occasion of consumption.
  • Key brand innovation, flavours and functional factors (low-ABV, low-sugar, organic, etc.) of RTDs and how these vary by market including packaging.
  • Impact of soft drinks on defining and influencing RTDs and examples of the hybridisation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Case studies of both leading and emerging brands and what makes them successful.
  • Important market dynamics on taxes and other political, environmental and economic factors.
  • What currently drives consumer choice within the category and what will be the drivers of the future.
  • The growth markets of the future, where brand owners should play, and key considerations based on consumer and market nuances.


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  • Markets Covered
  • • Australia
  • • Brazil
  • • Canada
  • • China
  • • Japan
  • • Mexico
  • • South Africa
  • • Spain
  • • United Kingdom
  • • United States
  • PLUS other markets to watch

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