Global Trends Report

Analysis of the impact and influence of key macro trends

The IWSR Global Trends Report looks at the drivers and disruptors shaping the global beverage alcohol market and the evolution and innovation within them, under the umbrella of 6 macro trends: premiumsation, digital and ecommerce, evolving lifestyles, external pressures, social drinking experiences, and health and ethics.


The Global Trends Report enables you to:

  • Identify the most impactful emerging and developing macro and sub-trends
  • Understand how these underlying consumption drivers are affecting category performance
  • Understand the interplay between emerging industry themes
  • Anticipate future development and outcomes
  • Engage with targeted brand case studies
  • Explore opportunities for innovation, new product development or geographic expansion


The Global Trends Report covers:

  • The key macro trends, their global reach and the impact on industry evolution
  • Shifts in sub-trends and their local nuances around the world
  • The consumer habits and demands which are driving the market
  • Focus markets and local themes underpinning industry performance


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