Global Trends Report

The trends sweeping the global alcohol industry

IWSR Global Trends Report looks at the pivotal trends from around the world, giving you a picture of what’s driving the markets and where the biggest opportunities for the industry lie

An easily digested report, IWSR Global Trends is compiled from the IWSR analysts’ on-the-ground research in-market, along with over 1,600 face-to-face interviews with key industry players.

  • The key macro trends and their global reach
  • Key innovation trends and how these are impacting category development
  • An overview of each category and the impact of current trends
  • Category data broken down by region, country, owner, brand and price point
  • The consumer habits and demands which are driving the market
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  • • What’s the story behind the numbers?
  • • What trends are driving the industry forward?
  • • What role is premiumisation playing in today’s market environment?
  • • How is convenience affecting the way we buy and consume alcohol?
  • • How is the craft vs corporate landscape developing, and what is the impact of the wellness trend?

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