Hard Seltzer Report

The rise, future forecast & market impact of the hard seltzer category

The IWSR Hard Seltzer Report:

The meteoric rise of the hard seltzer category has been nothing short of a phenomenon across the US beverage alcohol industry. Within six years, hard sparkling waters, also known as hard seltzers, have grown to account for nearly half (43%) of all US mixed drinks (defined as all ready-to-drink beverages, including FABs and FMBs). Now, hard seltzers are being launched in markets outside of the US as well.

Led by the brand White Claw, hard seltzers have spawned massive innovation within the flavoured malt beverage category and has created category-adjacent opportunities for wine and spirit-based ready-to-drink sparkling beverages. Hard seltzer sales volumes have been a much-needed lift for the beer industry, but it’s clear that consumers beyond beer have been gravitating toward the category as well. Brand producers globally should be keeping a watchful eye on this rising category.

This report will identify:

  • How hard seltzers are impacting total beverage alcohol consumption
  • Consumer attitudes and opinion about hard seltzers versus other categories
  • The future projected growth of this trend
  • What brand owners should do to successfully play in the booming category


This report includes:

  • Definitions & Brand Examples
  • Hard Seltzers: History and Key Players
  • Category-Adjacent Sizing and Opportunities
  • Explanation Behind Consumer Demand
  • Sales Volumes by Category
  • Impact of Hard Seltzers on Other Beverage Alcohol Categories
  • Consumer Adoption
  • State-Level Laws & Regulations
  • International Opportunities for Hard Seltzer
  • Trends & Innovation


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