How will the UK’s alcohol ecommerce channel evolve in the mid- to long-term? [infographic]

IWSR analyses the drivers and evolution of the UK's alcohol ecommerce channel

Beverage alcohol ecommerce has become an increasingly important retail channel across the globe. Across 10 core markets that represent over 90% of total alcohol ecommerce value ( (Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK, and the US), the value of alcohol ecommerce will have increased by 42% in 2020. In comparison, alcohol ecommerce value in those markets grew by 11% in 2019.

IWSR dives deeper into the drivers and evolution of the UK’s alcohol ecommerce channel.

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The above analysis reflects IWSR data from the 2020 data release. For more in-depth data and current analysis, please get in touch.

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