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The IWSR just-drinks Global Insights

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The IWSR just-drinks Global Insights is a unique series of market insight reports by category produced collaboratively between the IWSR and just-drinks. Each report is presented in an infographic-style format, giving you the facts you need, instantly.
(See the list of reports by category below.)

Each report features:

  • A summary of the global market conditions
  • Five-year market forecast data
  • Visual view of future growth hotspots
  • Interviews from leading brand owners
  • Recent brand and owner market shares
  • IWSR analysts’ ‘key views’ and expert commentary
  • Consumer drivers and trends
  • Product trends; latest strategies, packaging and flavours

Want to know more?

For sales enquiries, contact Graziella Jeffery

Graziella Jeffery, Business Development Director

Graziella has a very strong international background which is a prerequisite when dealing with a global market like the wine and spirits industry.

She is French Italian, and has also lived in Spain. She has travelled extensively to meet clients in Europe and the US when she used to work in the pharmaceutical industry as an account manager selling syndicated research and consultancy to international companies.

Email: graziella@theiwsr.com
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7689 6834

For research enquiries, contact Jose Luis Hermoso

Jose Luis Hermoso, Research Director – Product Quality

Jose is one of our longest serving employees and has been with the IWSR since December 2000.In his time with us he has covered every continent for our research.

Due to his vast experience and knowledge Jose is tasked with making sure our research is of the highest quality and continues to improve each year. Currently Jose covers the North African, Caribbean, South American and major Asian markets for us. He started life as a journalist with a degree from the Basque Country University and is fluent in Spanish (native language), English and French.

Email: joseluis@theiwsr.com
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7689 6841