The IWSR Databases

“The database is extremely intuitive and provides an excellent resource, in particular when looking forward at the potential and dynamics of markets where we have a small or negligible footprint. The database also provides strong foundations and intelligence that help to inform our global plans.”
International brand development manager, Burn Stewart

The IWSR Global Database 2018

The IWSR Global Database features:

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The most consistent and reliable source of global data for strategic decision making.

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For technical support, contact Andrew Tovey-Fall

Andrew Tovey-Fall, Chief Technical Officer

Graduating from Sheffield Hallam University, Andrew spent two years working for BT as a consultant in their management science unit before moving to the IWSR in 1995.

Heading up the IWSR's IT department he restructured the organisation's database systems and developed their first web-based delivery platform Andrew is now involved in creating new data delivery tools and building systems to improve customer service. As a member of the board, Andrew is helping to shape the IWSR's strategic vision through new technologies.

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7689 6823

For sales enquiries, contact Graziella Jeffery

Graziella Jeffery, Business Development Director

Graziella has a very strong international background which is a prerequisite when dealing with a global market like the wine and spirits industry.

She is French Italian, and has also lived in Spain. She has travelled extensively to meet clients in Europe and the US when she used to work in the pharmaceutical industry as an account manager selling syndicated research and consultancy to international companies.

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7689 6834