The IWSR is the industry standard for tracking brand, market and category performance globally. All the international drinks companies and financial institutions use the IWSR database to follow market trends, for competitive analysis as well as strategy and planning. The IWSR has the widest industry buy-in of any research company, with more companies both using our database and relying on IWSR for benchmarking brand performance globally. This means that our clients can be confident that they are looking at the same figures as their peers.

We are the only research company to visit and speak with the key players (including stakeholders such as importers, producers, distributors, retailers, duty-free operators) in over 160 countries globally each year. We collect and analyse volume data, retail shelf prices, demographic and economic statistics as well as leverage our relationships for on-the-ground intelligence that provide more context as to the ‘why’ behind the numbers. This allows us to gain a far better understanding of the dynamics of a market, which helps us to explain why certain trends occur and to adjust official statistics to match reality. It also allows us to cross-check other companies’ claims, as local experts have a much better grasp of what is actually being sold in each country, rather than shipped. The IWSR also uses powerful data science techniques for our forecasting, with results then subject to further analysis and sense checking by our highly experienced country researchers.

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