Radius 2019 Trend Predictions: Olfactory Drinks

The perfume and drinks worlds have enjoyed a close relationship for years. But in 2019, expect the sensorial relationship between taste and smell to be tapped into by ever more drinks makers

Back in 2014, the Ritz-Carlton in Berlin launched what was billed as the world’s first perfume-inspired cocktail bar, encouraging guests to match their drink to their scent by choosing from a list of 15 cocktails inspired by famous fragrances.


Since then brands have explored the relationship between drinks and scents through activations, such as the Glenfiddich Aroma Lab. Held at Harrod’s department store in the UK, consumers who visited the in-store experience were asked to pick their favorite three of six scents, each created by Experimental Perfume Club Creative Director Emmanuelle Moeglin and Malt Master Brian Kinsman. Each combination corresponded with one of 14 Glenfiddich whiskies.

New products to explore the sensory connection between taste and smell include the new range of gins from Boutique-y Gin Company. Tapping into the ability of scent to evoke memories, the Olfactor-y Gin range attempts to capture the scent of fresh rain, forests, funfairs. Created in collaboration with sensory specialist Lizzie Ostrom of Odette Toilette, the range includes Fresh Rain Gin, inspired by the science of petrichor (the scent of rain on dry ground), Beware of the Woods Gin said to evoke forest scents, Big Dipper Gin which captures the aromas of the funfair, and perhaps the most ‘out there’ flavor, Dead King Gin, which is said to feature botanicals associated with the Egyptian embalming process, such as rosemary, honey, moss and myrrh.

UK gin distillery Nelson’s is following fragrance trends with its recently launched gin, which claim to be the first gin to make use of timur pepper. To produce Nelson’s Timur Gin, the distillery uses an oil from the timur (or timut) pepper, which is grown in Nepal, and extracted by French perfume and ingredients specialist, Mane. Timur pepper is said to be an emerging food trend, as well as increasingly being used as a cocktail ingredient and in fragrancing.

And London-based cocktail ‘innovators’ Smith & Sinclair has created a range of edible fragrances, designed to be sprayed onto drinks to transform their flavor. Packaged in perfume bottles, the scents are intended to be misted onto a cocktail as a garnish, and are available in three variants, Watermelon & Citrus, Cherry Blossom & Mandarin and Pear & Vanilla. Alternatively the company says you can spritz it onto skin and lick it off.


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