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The Platinum Jubilee: What are Brits drinking in celebration, and how has this changed from past Jubilees?

IWSR analyses how alcohol consumption in the UK has changed between the Golden Jubilee year of 2002, the Diamond Jubilee of 2012, and this year’s Platinum Jubilee.


Key Trends Driving the Global Beverage Alcohol Industry in 2022

IWSR analyses the key drivers that will shape the global market landscape in 2022


Craft Spirits Outpace Growth of Non-Craft Spirits in the US

Craft spirits achieve 7% value share of total US spirits market; share of market is expected to almost double by 2025


Increasing demand for nostalgic flavours in drinks

Nostalgic flavours such as peanut butter, lemonade and chocolate have become increasingly popular during the pandemic. IWSR looks at how the trend is manifesting in different beverage categories.


Research finds untapped occasions for no/low alcohol category

There is an opportunity for no/low alcohol brands to compete in new spaces unavailable to traditional strength alcohol


Craft gains ground in Australian drinks market

As Australia’s craft beverage scene continues to bloom, IWSR speaks to key players about consumer purchasing behaviour, big brand competition, and post-Covid prospects


Opportunities for beer in 2021 & beyond

IWSR analyses the outlook for the global beer category


How will the US beverage alcohol market evolve to meet consumer needs in 2021?

IWSR analyses the key trends driving the US beverage alcohol industry in 2021


Are people really drinking more during the pandemic?

IWSR looks to answer this question with the publication of an in-depth assessment of beverage alcohol consumption and consumer behaviour in 2020


How do local, niche categories find global success?

Heritage and provenance play a vital role in the development of beverage categories, but they offer no guarantee of achieving global success without the support and investment of multinational drinks companies.


Beavertown Brewery on growth plans and the impact of Covid-19 on craft beer

Logan Plant, founder of Beavertown Brewery, discusses the craft beer movement and the impact of Covid-19


New beer segment emerges in Australia

Contemporary beers gain momentum in Australia, as big brewers defend their market share against the rise of craft players


‘Better for me, better for the world’ – could this be the trend of the future?

Younger LDA consumers are increasingly being drawn to beverage alcohol products that embody converging trends around wellbeing, provenance and environmental awareness


Star power: when does celebrity endorsement work?

As Cameron Diaz becomes one of the latest celebrities to move into the world of drinks, IWSR looks at which brands, categories and geographies are most benefiting from the influence of star power


Is peanut butter whisky the next flavour craze in the US?

With the cinnamon whisky space nearing saturation, a disruptor is taking the category by storm – peanut butter-flavoured whisky.


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