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Key trends for the US wine market in 2024

IWSR data shows that Millennials, premium segments, and export markets could help boost the outlook for the US wine category


From necessity to novelty, US beverage alcohol ecommerce is evolving

IWSR analysis shows that although recruitment to the ecommerce channel has slowed, there is still headroom for growth


Seven key trends that will shape the global wine industry in 2024

IWSR assesses the performance and outlook for the global wine market


How China's tariffs on Australian wine changed the market landscape

As China hints at tariffs easing, IWSR looks at how the Chinese wine landscape has changed and what it means for Australian wine


Where next for the US sparkling wine market?

Even though sparkling wine growth is moderating, IWSR data shows a demographic shift that's driving deeper category engagement in the US


Is the UK headed towards ‘Prosecco Fatigue’?

IWSR analysis shows that while Prosecco has performed well in the UK, fewer consumers see it as high-quality or good value for money


Beverage Alcohol in Africa: A heady mix of complexity and opportunity in 2024

IWSR analyses growth drivers for Africa's alcoholic drinks market


Home consumption vs the on-trade: have pandemic behaviours become entrenched?

IWSR analyses the regional trends in consumer attitudes towards the on-premise


How big is the slowdown in the US beverage alcohol market, and how long will it last?

Following a post-pandemic correction, IWSR expects future beverage alcohol growth in the US to be more subdued


Wine’s share of ecommerce sales continues to erode: how can it win back consumers?

IWSR analyses the shifts in alcohol ecommerce as beer and spirits players increasingly invest in the channel


Global beverage alcohol shows subdued growth 2022-2027, whilst value outlook is more positive

India, Mexico and Brazil take over from the US and China as volume growth drivers; US and China remain key to the industry’s value growth


Sustainability concerns drive interest in organic, natural and alternative wines

Latest findings from IWSR’s ongoing tracking of consumer interest in and attitudes towards alternative wines


A third of UK alcohol drinkers would rather treat themselves to a better-quality drink at home than go out

While consumer sentiment has improved, beverage alcohol consumers in the UK are still mindful of how they spend their disposable income


How has Chinese consumer sentiment shifted since the end of lockdown restrictions in 2022?

IWSR analyses changes in consumer price sensitivity and sentiment amongst Chinese alcohol consumers

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