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No-alcohol innovation trends

IWSR's innovation tracking highlights the key trends shaping NPD across no-alcohol beer, wine and spirits


Why does China’s ecommerce growth continue to defy channel norms?

IWSR analyses the growth trajectory of alcohol ecommerce in China compared with other key markets


India’s growth potential in 2024 and beyond

IWSR analyses the drivers for India's beverage alcohol market


Seven key trends that will shape the global wine industry in 2024

IWSR assesses the performance and outlook for the global wine market


How China's tariffs on Australian wine changed the market landscape

As China hints at tariffs easing, IWSR looks at how the Chinese wine landscape has changed and what it means for Australian wine


How Australia is reinvigorating its RTD market

IWSR analyses the growth drivers and outlook for Australia's evolving RTD landscape


Moderation: is it generational or universal?

IWSR analyses the demographics behind the moderation trend


Significant negative shift seen in alcohol spending behaviour amid signs that it may be temporary

IWSR’s ongoing tracking of alcohol consumer behaviour shows “economic moderation” is top of mind


Alcohol ecommerce growth moderates, but still set to outperform overall market

Value of ecommerce to increase by $7.5bn over the next five years across key markets, to reach nearly $40bn by 2027


Has premiumisation stalled?

IWSR analyses the evolution of the premiumisation trend for total beverage alcohol in 2023


How do you tackle the Indian beverage alcohol market?

IWSR assesses the opportunities and nuances of India's market landscape


Does tequila’s growth mirror that of the gin boom?

IWSR analysis outlines five major differences in the growth drivers for tequila versus gin – which should equip tequila to grow faster, and for longer, in the years ahead


RTD category will hit US$40bn by 2027, driven by growth in cocktails/long drinks and premium products

IWSR analysis shows that the growth drivers for the ready-to-drink alcohol category are shifting as the market matures and consumers broaden their repertoire


How is Gen Z approaching beverage alcohol?

IWSR data shows that a significant proportion of LDA Gen Z consumers are now avoiding alcohol altogether, although there are wide variations between countries

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