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Key trends for global travel retail in 2023

The beverage alcohol global travel retail channel is transforming, increasingly prioritising value over volume


The changing role of sparkling wine lifts sales in the US

The number of Americans enjoying sparkling wine has risen by 30% between 2019 and 2022


Is tequila's future under threat?

IWSR analyses how growing demand for tequila is shaping the category's outlook


Economic tensions are high. What does this mean for premium beverage alcohol in the US?

New IWSR analysis shows that despite inflation rising around the world, there could be reasons for optimism among premium alcohol brand owners


How the US Beverage Alcohol Industry is Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

The US alcohol industry accounts for 2.5 million jobs nationally across manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Industry stakeholders are stepping up to support their communities and to urge Congress to offer relief


The IWSR Announces Plans to Launch a Risk Assessment Model for the Coronavirus

The IWSR Coronavirus Risk Assessment Model will give industry leaders the clarity needed to confidently respond to a serious event with global implications


Can hard seltzers dominate outside the US?

The meteoric rise of hard seltzers, or hard sparkling water, in the US has been enabled by a confluence of trends. The IWSR analyses whether the drink's popularity could be mirrored in markets outside the US too


Investing in China? Brands should look beyond premium spirits

Changing consumer habits and a growing middle class in China presents brands with an opportunity to widen their investments in the Chinese market


A new vision for Vinexpo

Vinexpo's current CEO Rodolphe Lameyse talks to the IWSR about his vision for Vinexpo Paris and beyond


Amazon launches Tovess gin: drinks brands need to prepare for disruption

Amazon's launch of its own-label spirits brand and its debut gin is of no surprise to IWSR analysts. The scale of Amazon’s ambitions, however, is worth closer examination.


Carbonated Cocktails Drive Innovation in Classic Mixed Drinks and RTD's

With the RTD category booming, carbonation is adding zing and nuance to cocktails both on-premise and within the RTD space.


Trend: Floral Flavourings

Floral flavours are cropping up in everything from new RTDs to craft beers, and are increasingly included in the botanical mixes of emerging gins as headline ingredients.


Trend: Hard Tea & Coffee

The global ready-to-drink coffee and tea categories are expanding, and within that, brands are launching alcoholic takes on cold brew, lattes, green tea and more


The New Tariff Age

In a reactionary political climate, alcohol producers are having to acquaint themselves with a global trading environment where tariffs are the norm and can be implemented indiscriminately and at short notice.


Eco-Packaging Trends Across Spirits, Wine and Beer

As the general public becomes increasingly aware of single-use plastics and their environmental impact, drinks producers are eager to be seen to be doing their part.


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