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Is the zero-waste movement a viable option for the on-premise?

IWSR speaks with Rich Wood, head bartender at zero-waste cocktail bar Scout, about bringing the zero-waste philosophy into practice


Will Covid-19 disrupt premiumisation trends in the Global Travel Retail channel?

IWSR investigates the changes shaping the channel, the challenges drinks brands face on the road to recovery and how they may need to pivot post-Covid-19


How is canned wine innovation evolving?

As Covid-19 prompts consumers to increasingly shift to on-the-go drink offerings, IWSR looks at how the canned wine space is evolving


Hard seltzers drive a resilient US beverage alcohol market in 2020

The country's dominant retail channel and the growth of the Ready-to-Drink (RTD) category, led by hard seltzers, has helped the US beverage alcohol market through the pandemic


Beverage alcohol in 2020 performs better than expected

New IWSR forecasts show greater resilience than initially projected, with positive news on impending vaccine potentially pushing beverage alcohol recovery even further


If not China, where next for Australian wine?

As China announces a block on all imports of Australian wine from 6 November 2020, IWSR takes a look at the Chinese wine market and how Australian winemakers may need to pivot


How has consumer behaviour in the US changed during the pandemic?

Consumer alcohol consumption in the US during Covid-19 is a reflection of demographics, risk tolerance and appetite for variety


Brand owners pivot innovation strategies during the pandemic

Innovation is sustaining brands during Covid-19, but producers are having to radically rethink where and how these products are sold


How do local, niche categories find global success?

Heritage and provenance play a vital role in the development of beverage categories, but they offer no guarantee of achieving global success without the support and investment of multinational drinks companies.


Seasonal Flavour Trends Drive New Product Launches

Expect to see more hard seltzers tapping into Autumnal flavour trends, as well as hyper-local variants and more niche seasonal flavours


The Middle East – an untapped market for beverage alcohol innovators?

The Middle East has potential to become a critical driver for the low- and no-alcohol movement


Beer demand escalates online: key considerations for brewers refining their online strategy

In markets around the world, one of the legacies of Covid-19 will be a consumer now proficient in buying beverage alcohol online


What does the future of rosé look like in the US?

Interest in rosé wine continues to gather pace, as new product launches help to premiumise the category and as spirits tap into rosé-like attributes


What’s driving tequila’s popularity in the US?

Consumer interest in tequila is boosting the spirits' popularity through the pandemic. IWSR analysts look at what's behind tequila's success, innovation driving the category, and considerations for tequila's future


Baijiu producers eye global expansion

China’s baijiu producers are increasingly targeting overseas markets, not so much for their revenue potential, but – paradoxically – to boost their reputation and standing among consumers at home.

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