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Key trends for global travel retail in 2023

The beverage alcohol global travel retail channel is transforming, increasingly prioritising value over volume


Vodka innovation trends

IWSR explores the evolution of the vodka category


What are tequila’s prospects outside of the US?

Tequila is poised for growth in markets such as Canada, the UK, Colombia and Australia


Global beverage alcohol shows subdued growth 2022-2027, whilst value outlook is more positive

India, Mexico and Brazil take over from the US and China as volume growth drivers; US and China remain key to the industry’s value growth


Sustainability concerns drive interest in organic, natural and alternative wines

Latest findings from IWSR’s ongoing tracking of consumer interest in and attitudes towards alternative wines


A third of UK alcohol drinkers would rather treat themselves to a better-quality drink at home than go out

While consumer sentiment has improved, beverage alcohol consumers in the UK are still mindful of how they spend their disposable income


How has Chinese consumer sentiment shifted since the end of lockdown restrictions in 2022?

IWSR analyses changes in consumer price sensitivity and sentiment amongst Chinese alcohol consumers


Key statistics: the no-alcohol and low-alcohol market

IWSR analyses the growth drivers for the no/low-alcohol market


The evolution of the Martini

IWSR is tracking renewed interest in the Martini, driven by innovation in the cocktail’s core ingredients, serves, and changing consumer attitudes


Consumers opt to spend less on beverage alcohol, but confidence in the future is improving

IWSR tracks consumer sensitivity to price changes across total beverage alcohol


Key trends driving the US wine market in 2023

IWSR analyses the performance and outlook for the US wine market


Consumer confidence in the US remains broadly positive

Early findings from IWSR’s Consumer Barometer Price Sensitivity Wave 2 Tracker


Factors shaping new product development for the no-alcohol category

IWSR analyses innovation within the global no-alcohol market, including the influence of the cocktail trend and the pre-dinner occasion


Online alcohol sales in the US normalise after a surge during Covid-19 lockdowns

Growth will continue, with particularly strong prospects for beer and spirits


Key trends for wine in 2023 and beyond

IWSR analysis shows that long-term challenges persist, but premiumisation continues and there are signs of a post-Covid rebound in some markets

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