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Brewers adapt to changing drinking patterns

IWSR analyses the strategies and innovation driving the beer market


Spirits flavour innovation in 2023 focuses on playfulness and new experiences

IWSR investigates the flavours driving spirits innovation, from saline notes to twists on nostalgic serves


The paradox of the US wine industry: falling volumes, yet more regular drinkers

IWSR analyses the demographic and lifestyle trends driving the US wine industry, investigating why wine consumption dipped in 2022, even though the wine drinking population grew.


Innovation drives opportunities for Australia’s no-alcohol market

The large heritage low-alcohol segment is losing share to no-alcohol, as new big brand and craft products come to market


What will a shrinking Chinese population mean for beverage alcohol?

IWSR analyses the demographics and drivers of China's beverage alcohol market


Key drivers for the US no/low-alcohol market

Increasing consumer awareness, NPD, and greater product availability drive opportunities for no/low-alcohol in the US


Key trends for beer in 2023

IWSR analyses the key drivers for the global beer market


Moderation trend drives demand for no-alcohol products in the UK

The UK stands out as one of the world’s most dynamic markets for no/low-alcohol


US alcohol sales in 2022 led by premium spending across all categories

Spirits continue to grow led by agave and whisky, while moderation trend fuels no-alcohol beer and lower ABV options across RTDs and wine


No- and low-alcohol category value surpasses $11bn in 2022

New IWSR data shows no/low-alcohol consumption will increase by a third by 2026, spearheaded by the growth of no-alcohol products


AB InBev partners on a celebrity-backed ultra-premium vodka in India – why?

IWSR analyses the premium-and-above vodka market in India


The 8 drivers of change for beverage alcohol in 2023 and beyond

IWSR data shows shifts in the key trends shaping the global industry


Could Saudi Arabia be the next big opportunity for the no-alcohol category?

With its ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol, Saudi Arabia has traditionally been a low priority for beverage alcohol companies, but that could change.


Consumers choose to drink less to save more

Consumers opt for moderation and selective consumption as key economising strategies amidst rising inflation

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