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Six ways Brexit could change the way we trade wine

44% of all wine currently consumed in the UK is of European origin. What impact will Brexit have on the wine trade?


Star power: when does celebrity endorsement work?

As Cameron Diaz becomes one of the latest celebrities to move into the world of drinks, IWSR looks at which brands, categories and geographies are most benefiting from the influence of star power


Is peanut butter whisky the next flavour craze in the US?

With the cinnamon whisky space nearing saturation, a disruptor is taking the category by storm – peanut butter-flavoured whisky.


How will an increasingly insular world impact the beverage alcohol industry?

Protectionist trade policies and a new climate of insularity are poised to hamper beverage alcohol brand owners as they start to bounce back from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic


Pernod Ricard North America chief on authenticity and social responsibility

How can businesses ensure authenticity in their responses to political and social causes? IWSR speaks with Ann Mukherjee, chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard North America


How is alcohol legislation changing in the wake of the ecommerce boom?

As ecommerce develops into a critical channel for alcohol sales, IWSR looks at what legislative repercussions there might be in markets such as the EU, US and India


Will brand owners divert resources from the on-premise?

The one-, three- and five-year plans that brand owners put together in the autumn of 2019 will now seem mostly irrelevant in our new world. How are brand owners reassessing their channel distribution?


#BlackLivesMatter - Alcohol industry joins the cause

American consumers prompt brands to advocate for social transformation


The on-premise takes a light-hearted approach to social distancing

Operators are developing creative solutions to enforce social distancing and to help make up for the lack of atmosphere in venues that are emptier due to capacity limits


Why will beer prove resilient in the aftermath of Covid-19?

IWSR examines the factors contributing to beer's recovery, and why beer may rebound better than wine and spirits post Covid-19


Cognac in China: reasons for optimism

Things were looking bleak for Cognac in its most important value market at the start of 2020. But as the on-trade opens in China, are there reasons to be optimistic about Cognac's future?


Easing out of lockdown: the consumer at the forefront

As governments ease lockdown restrictions for the on-premise, IWSR examines the role of the consumer across different markets


The road to recovery: a category outlook

As stakeholders across the global beverage alcohol industry refine and re-assess their business plans, Mark Meek, IWSR CEO, talks to Yahoo! Finance about the road to recovery


Covid-19 presents opportunities for the US still wine market

The pandemic has provided a chance for the US wine industry to connect with a demographic that has been previously lacking in wine participation


Will hard seltzers resonate with the UK market?

Volume consumption of hard seltzers in the US increased by 200% in 2019. As hard seltzers increasingly enter the UK market, IWSR assesses how brands may need to adapt their product offerings for the UK consumer

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