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How will activation strategies for no/low-alcohol spirits evolve?

IWSR analyses how channel distribution and marketing plans for no/low spirits may change as the on-premise returns in key markets


Will social media increasingly impact alcohol choice?

As alcohol consumers increasingly move online, will they look to social media and other online sources for their alcohol choices and recommendations? Recent findings show that the trends are nuanced


RTD volume share expected to double in next five years in top markets

Ready-to-Drink products will command 8% of Total Beverage Alcohol by 2025


Will wine take off in India?

IWSR analyses the outlook and drivers of the wine category in India


Alcohol ecommerce maturity in Asia Pacific

IWSR analyses the differences in alcohol ecommerce maturity and consumer behaviour across the APAC region


Fewer new wine drinkers enter the wine market in the US and China

There is a recruitment shortfall amongst wine drinkers in the US and China. How can wine businesses engage LDA Gen Z wine drinkers?


Growth opportunities for the global beer industry

The global beer industry needs to sharpen its focus on no/low products, at-home consumption and product diversification to drive post-pandemic recovery


Australia and China underpin ongoing resilience for Asia Pacific beverage alcohol market

Beverage alcohol volume to grow over +2% in Asia Pacific in 2021


The ‘inverse-V’ shape of Covid-19

In some markets, Covid-19 prompted an unexpected shift in select spirits & wine categories, either reversing long-term declines or boosting growth paths.


Should alcohol be treated like tobacco by lobbyists and lawmakers?

IWSR looks at how the two sectors vary, and why more draconian policies for alcohol could be counterintuitive


How might a Pernod Ricard & Brown-Forman merger shift the industry landscape?

IWSR looks at how the beverage alcohol industry landscape could change if Pernod Ricard and Brown-Forman were to merge


The US and China offer resilience and opportunity for drinks groups

Strong performances in China and the US have shielded multinational drinks companies from the fallout of Covid-19 in recent months. IWSR examines the reasons why.


Do consumers prefer no-alcohol over low-alcohol products?

IWSR assesses the performance of the no- and low-alcohol segments, and the different consumer drivers at play.


Covid-19 prompts short- and long-term shifts in global travel retail

Alcohol brands in travel retail are facing a number of fundamental short- and long-term shifts as a result of the impact of Covid-19 on the channel

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