Organic Wine Report

The most influential organic wine study, of the past and present

The IWSR Organic Wine Report covers the global organic still wine market from 2012-2017, as well as forecasts and opportunities for the organic wine business up to 2022.


Some key themes:

  • Changing of the guard: Millennials and shifting habits
  • Trendsetting US: Leading growth/innovation and category blur
  • New ‘Normal’ In Europe
  • Mainstreamisation
  • Rosé
  • Innovation: Branding, new packaging/finishes and new occasions



  • The global context: Total still wine consumption
  • Organic share by colour
  • Local vs imported
  • Total and organic wine forecast to 2022
  • Average price per 75cl bottle: organic vs non-organic
  • Market drivers by country
  • Organic wine share by origin
  • 7 focus markets included:
  • • Canada
  • • France
  • • Germany
  • • Japan
  • • Sweden
  • • United Kingdom
  • • United States

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