Pantone® Dives Into 'Living Coral' As 'Colour of the Year'

Have we truly moved on from millennial pink? The plethora of pink drinks still coming to market suggests not

And though a veritable rainbow of colours – from yellow and pistachio to ultraviolet – have been tipped over recent years to take the crown from pink, none of them has made as much of a splash.


And yet it is colour – and not flavor – that continues to be an area of focus for many drinks makers looking to tap the Instagram-loving, lifestyle-led crowd. One only needs look at the recent launches of a number of colour-changing gins – such as The Old Curiosity Distillery, which changes from blush to vibrant pink – or drinks in alternative colourways, including Halewood Wines & Spirits’ launch of JJ Whitley Violet Gin made with violet flowers, which have been launched as an alternative to pink gins.

So, if colour is still key, what are the contenders looking to steal the crown from pink? Colour expert and trend forecaster Pantone is not often wrong when it comes to its annual colour trend prediction; its choice for 2019 is a soft shade of coral, dubbed ‘Living Coral’. Does the tone lend itself well to drinks? Very similar to the pink hue that has appeared across categories from gin, cider to vodka, it looks like we won’t be moving away from the blush colour palette anytime soon. But what’s certain is that brands will keep experimenting with colour as a way to attract consumers.


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