Hard Seltzer Consumption Forecasted to Triple by 2023

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New IWSR Research Reveals that Over Half of US Alcohol Consumers Drink Hard Seltzers At Least Once a Week


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New York – The meteoric rise of the hard seltzer category across the US beverage alcohol industry has been nothing short of phenomenal, and a comprehensive new Hard Seltzer Report from IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, the leading source of data and intelligence on the global alcoholic beverage market, forecasts that consumer interest in these products will only continue to grow.

Led by the brands White Claw and Truly, hard seltzer volume in the US is currently about 82.5m nine-liter cases (which is already larger by volume than the leading spirits category in the US – vodka). IWSR forecasts that by 2023, the category will more than triple, to reach over 281m cases. Hard seltzer and other “seltzer-like” products command a market share of 2.6% of all beverage alcohol in the US, up from only 0.85% a year ago. IWSR also estimates that hard seltzer ecommerce sales will increase from a current share of 0.8% to nearly 2% by 2023 as more consumers realize they can purchase these products online.

The IWSR Hard Seltzer Report is also the first study of its kind to define, examine and quantify the size of the entire hard seltzer universe, a category which not only includes malt-based products, but also those produced from wine and spirits. These seltzer-like products, with similar product attributes as leading malt-based brands, add another 7m cases to the total seltzer universe in the US.

You can continue to read more on the Press Releases page of our website.



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