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IWSR announces appointment of Dan Medlock as CFO (February 2024)

No-alcohol share of overall alcohol market expected to grow to nearly 4% by 2027

Dec 2023: Significant negative shift seen in alcohol spending behaviour amid signs that it may be temporary

Alcohol ecommerce growth moderates in 2023, but still set to outperform overall market

Growth drivers for the US ready-to-drink market shift in 2023

Ready-to-Drink Category will hit US$40bn by 2027, Driven by Growth in Cocktails/Long Drinks, and Premium Products

IWSR embraces new leadership for continued growth and appoints Julie Harris as CEO

June 2023: Global beverage alcohol shows subdued growth, whilst value outlook is more positive

Consumers opt to spend less on beverage alcohol, but confidence in the future is improving

IWSR Strengthens Its Consulting/Data and Analytics Capabilities with Appointment of Industry Leaders

No- and Low-Alcohol Category Value Surpasses $11bn in 2022

Beverage alcohol ecommerce value to grow by a third over the next five years, despite weaker macroeconomic outlook

Premiumisation continues across beverage alcohol, but shows signs of slowing down in Q4 2022 onwards

RTD category value will increase by an additional US$11.6bn over the next five years

June 2022 – Global Beverage Alcohol Rebounds_IWSR

No- and Low-Alcohol in Key Global Markets Reaches Almost US$10 Billion in Value

Key Trends Driving the Global Beverage Alcohol Industry in 2022

Craft Spirits Outpace Growth of Non-Craft Spirits in the US

IWSR Forecasts RTD Volume Share to Double in Next Five Years

Led by the US, Beverage Alcohol Ecommerce Value Expected to Grow +66% Across Key Markets 2020-2025

Australia And China Underpin Ongoing Resilience in APAC 2021

US Total Beverage Alcohol Consumption in 2020 was the Largest Volume Gain in Nearly 20 Years

Global Beverage Alcohol Expected to Gain +3% Volume in 2021

No- and Low-Alcohol Gains Share Within Total Beverage Alcohol 2021

IWSR announces acquisition of Wine Intelligence

Hard Seltzers Drive a Resilient US Beverage Alcohol Market in 2020

Beverage Alcohol Ecommerce Shows Rapid Growth 2020

Beverage Alcohol in 2020 Performs Better than Expected

IWSR 2020 Global Trends Report: Covid-19 Will Create Far-Reaching Impact on Alcohol Consumption

IWSR and m1nd-set Launch Joint Travel Retail Marketing Intelligence Platform

Beverage Alcohol Not Expected to Rebound Until 2024

Drinking in an economic downturn

Near Complete Loss of Global On-Trade Has Yet to be Fully Offset by Other Channels

‘Status Spirits’ Growing Ahead of Total Spirits Market

How Are Brands Adapting Their Social Media Strategy During COVID-19?

IWSR Announces Launch of Coronavirus Risk Assessment Model

Irish Whiskey Volumes Surge Nearly 9% in the US

Sparkling Wine Grows Nearly 4% in the US in 2019

Wine Consumption in US Declines for First Time in 25 Years

US Bartenders See Growing Demand for Low-Sugar/Low-Alcohol Drinks, Hard Seltzers, and Spicy Cocktails

Hard Seltzer volume to triple by 2023

IWSR Joins Distilled Spirits Council of the United States

Consumer Lifestyle Choices Continue to Drive Innovation in Global Beverage Alcohol

Spirits in Global Travel Retail

The Impact of Ecommerce on Alcohol Trading

IWSR Top 100 World’s Fastest-Growing Spirits Brands

Worldwide Alcohol Consumption Declines -1.6%

Are The Lancet’s Alcohol Consumption Forecasts Inflated?

Consumption of Mexican spirits and beer in US continue to increase

Organic Wine Forecasted to Reach 87.5m Cases Globally by 2022

Value Of Wine To Top $207 Billion By 2022, Forecasts IWSR Vinexpo Report

Legal Cannabis Poses a Long-Term Risk to All Beverage Alcohol Categories in the U.S

As ‘Dry January’ Increasingly Extends Year-Round, Opportunities Broaden for Beverage Alcohol Producers

Americans Drank 3.345 Billion Cases of Alcohol in 2018 says IWSR

US whiskey leading craft spirit growth in the US

IWSR Trends Forum highlights importance of travel retail for global alcohol industry

Top 100 Travel Retail Brands

China leads the way for beverage alcohol ecommerce – IWSR Ecommerce Study

Beverage Alcohol, Cannabis and the Changing U.S. Consumer – IWSR and BDSA

Key Global Trends 2018

IWSR Forecast – Global alcohol consumption to hit 28bn cases and USD1.07tn by 2022

Gin boom continues as short-term prospects look bright

Top 100 largest spirits brands revealed in the IWSR Real 100

Asia-Pacific – Beverage alcohol retail value reaches $336bn

US beverage alcohol volumes decline again in 2017

Global alcohol consumption reverses decline in 2017

Pink Drink Trend


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