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Status Spirits Strategic Study

Your deep dive analysis into the luxury beverage alcohol market of spirits

Identify how to best tap into the high value this market offers.


The status space is diversifying; traditional notions of exclusivity and luxury are challenged by premiumisation and authenticity. Traditionally dominated by Scotch and Cognac, further categories have been joining this market segment.

The market for status spirits is truly global with geography of purchase less important the higher the price point. Key status cues remain constant; however, as more new products enter the segment and a broader range of consumer emerges, more cues are becoming relevant. Brand owners are increasingly investing in this lucrative segment as consumer demand rises.

This Strategic Study arms you with a detailed analysis of the key trends, consumer behaviours and global forces driving the market for products retailing above $100 per bottle in the global travel retail channel as well as in 7 key countries: China, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, UK, US, and France.

Dive into category developments and key assessments of the market drivers and inhibitors for 9 key categories: baijiu, Cognac/Armagnac, rum, Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky, Scotch whisky, US whiskey, tequila.


This longitudinal strategic study will enable you to:

  • Understand status spirits in the context of wider luxury purchases
  • Formulate and refine your status strategy
  • Prioritise efforts in the most important status markets for spirits
  • Build on your category strategy for status spirits and optimise your portfolio
  • Evaluate the opportunities for NPD, innovation and special editions
  • Analyse edition and series themes and determine importance of age statements
  • Separate coverage of baijiu allowing for separate analysis of international status spirits


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  • Markets included:
  • • China
  • • France
  • • Japan
  • • Russia
  • • Taiwan
  • • United Kingdom
  • • United States
  • • Global Travel Retail (as one market)

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