Status Spirits Strategic Study

Your deep dive analysis into the luxury beverage alcohol market of spirits and Champagne

Identify how to best tap into the high value this market offers.


This Strategic Study arms you with a detailed analysis of the key trends, consumer behaviours and global forces driving the market in the Global Travel Retail channel as well as in 7 key countries: China, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, UK, US, and France.

Dive into category developments and key assessments of the market drivers and inhibitors for 9 key categories: baijiu, Cognac/Armagnac, rum, Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky, Scotch whisky, US whiskey, tequila, and Champagne.

Status is defined as a product priced above $50 / bottle; split out by affordable luxury (below $1000/bottle) and investment products (above $1000/bottle).

This strategic study will enable you to:

  • Support business strategy development with hard data
  • Identify opportunities in this niche but valuable segment
  • Understand the market structure and dynamics
  • Learn what drives consumer purchase decision-making

Each country (and global travel retail) deep-dive will provide:

  • Category breakdown
  • Key market environment context
  • Status Spirits volume and value analysis
  • Identification of key channels, category splits and market trends
  • Benchmark of key price segments
  • Overview of competitive landscape and leading brands
  • Insight into consumer behaviour
  • 10-year market view: 2014-2023
  • IWSR analysis of key growth drivers


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  • Markets included:
  • • China
  • • France
  • • Japan
  • • Russia
  • • Taiwan
  • • United Kingdom
  • • United States
  • • Global Travel Retail (as one market)

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