The online retailer landscape: How to choose your route to market in the ecommerce space

IWSR forecasts the ecommerce alcohol channel will be worth US$45.5bn across the top ten markets by 2024. What consumer behaviours are driving online purchases?


The Ecommerce channel’s impact on the global alcohol market landscape cannot be ignored; by 2024, IWSR forecasts that the channel will be worth US$45.5bn across the top ten markets, significantly outpacing the growth rate of total trade over the next five years.

For brand owners who want to refine their ecommerce strategy, understanding the retailer landscape is critical. The e-tailer options vary drastically between markets; even within the US itself, brands are presented with a fragmented landscape. Partnering with larger players like Amazon or comes with its own set of considerations as well.

Brands and retailers alike need to also understand the consumer behaviours driving online purchases. Emily Neill, COO of Research & Operations at the IWSR, notes: “our research shows that greater convenience is the most persuasive factor in virtually every market, and many consumers will tolerate higher prices to benefit from the convenience of online shopping.”

Watch our third, and last, instalment of the Ecommerce video series to understand the e-tailer landscape across markets, the role Amazon should play in your ecommerce strategy, and the consumer behaviours driving online purchases.


These insights were taken from our Global Ecommerce 2019 Strategic Study.

This Strategic Study gives you an in-depth understanding of the ecommerce channels in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK and the US. Click here to learn more about our Global Ecomerce 2019 Strategic Study. 


To learn more about the global ecommerce channel, watch Part Three of our Ecommerce video series via the link below:

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