The road to recovery: a category outlook

As stakeholders across the global beverage alcohol industry refine and re-assess their business plans, Mark Meek, IWSR CEO, talks to Yahoo! Finance about the road to recovery

As restrictions ease, long term recovery is expected to be slower than the initial bounce back – driving a ‘Nike Swoosh’ rebound shape. However, beverage alcohol has proven to be remarkably resilient in previous downturns, and this should be no different. A strong focus on innovation, premiumisation, and new routes to market such as ecommerce, are all factors which will help contribute to the industry’s rebound and future growth.

Mark Meek, CEO of IWSR, speaks with Yahoo! Finance about the road to recovery. Watch his interview below to learn more, as Meek answers questions such as:

  • What categories will be in a better position coming out of Covid-19?
  • What impact will a brand’s heritage and local identity play in its recovery potential?
  • How does current consumer sentiment impact categories traditionally tied to celebratory occasions, such as Champagne?



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