Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IWSR?

The IWSR is the leading source of data and analysis on the global beverage alcohol market. Our data is used by the major multinational wine, spirits and beer companies, financial companies and alcoholic beverage market suppliers.


What does the IWSR track?

The IWSR quantifies the global market of wine, spirits, beer, cider and mixed drinks in 157 countries, and provides insight into short- and long-term trends, including five-year volume and value forecasts. The IWSR tracks overall consumption of alcoholic drinks by volume and retail value at brand, price segment and category level.


How does the IWSR compile the data?

The IWSR’s unique methodology allows us to get closer to what is actually consumed and better understand how markets work.

Our analysts travel the world to meet over 1,600 local professionals to capture market trends and the ‘why’ behind the numbers. The IWSR also uses any available published statistics (government, association, foreign trade statistics, press articles). Tapping into local expertise to supplement and interpret commonly available statistics has been the IWSR’s unique approach since the late 1980s.

We use powerful data science techniques to generate the IWSR’s forecasts. The results are then subject to further analysis and sense checking by our highly experienced country researchers.


How accurate is your data?

The IWSR is widely seen as the most authoritative data source on the beverage alcohol market.

We triangulate company data, our local in-market research and draw on our 45+ years’ experience to produce the most trusted beverage alcohol analysis.

The IWSR’s unique approach to forecasting has proven to be reliable. Comparing last year’s forecast for 2017 with actual 2017 data, the IWSR’s forecast at a global level differed by just -0.4%.


How are you different from other data sources?

The IWSR specialises in beverage alcohol research and have become experts in the field. Our methodology sets us apart from other research companies.

An independent survey of 70 insight leaders in 30 beverage alcohol companies found the IWSR to score higher on accuracy of data, granularity, geographic breadth, provider expertise, ease-of-use, and availability of support than its competitors.


In what format can I receive the IWSR’s data?

The IWSR’s data and reports come in several formats, depending on the product. Our online tools are interactive databases that allow you to access, manipulate and download the data.

Our insight reports are available in PDF format. An Excel file of data used in the report may be available, depending on the report and your licence agreement. Please go to the Products section for more information on our data and reports or speak to your account manager.


Who can I speak with to learn more about what products and services will address my business needs?

If you are already a client, please contact your account manager to discuss your best options.

If not, please contact enquiries@theiwsr.com and one of our team will get back to you shortly.


Can you tailor the data to fit with any requests we might have?

If you have specific research needs which cannot be met through our standard product range, please contact enquiries@theiwsr.com to discuss your options. The IWSR has a world-class consulting team who can develop, plan and execute thought-leading independent studies.


I’m having technical difficulties with your website or online tools

Please contact our support team at enquiries@theiwsr.com


My company already has a subscription. How do I register for online access?

If your company has an existing subscription to any of our online platforms you can register for access using your company email address. Click the ‘client login’ button at the top of the website window, then click ‘register’ and follow the steps.


I have a question about an IWSR data point. Who can I speak with?

Please contact enquiries@theiwsr.com with your query and one of our team will get back to you shortly.


Do you supply data to journalists?

Yes, please email press@theiwsr.com stating the data you would like to obtain, the publication you are writing for, and your deadline. You can also keep up with the latest IWSR news by signing up to our press release mailing list here.


Can I get the IWSR to speak at our event?

If you would like to invite a representative of the IWSR to speak at your event, please contact enquiries@theiwsr.com and provide details of your event.


I would like to submit a news release for your news and comments section

Please send press releases and other news to press@theiwsr.com.

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