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About the IWSR

The IWSR is the leading source of data and analysis on the alcoholic beverage market. The IWSR’s database, essential to the industry, quantifies the global market of wine, spirits, beer, cider and mixed drinks by volume and value in 157 countries, and provides insight into short- and long-term trends, including five-year volume and value forecasts.


Press Contacts

If you are a journalist working on a story, please email us for data or interview requests at Any reference to IWSR data or analysis, including use of our logo, must be sourced accordingly as IWSR Drinks Market Analysis. For more detail please see our Citation Policy.


Brand Guidelines

For more information, please see our brand resources below for access to our assets and guidelines. Anyone using the IWSR’s assets should only use the logos found on our Brand Assets downloadable and follow the guidelines below.

Brand Assets

The IWSR Logo

To download all versions of our logo, please download our Brand Assets.


Brand Usage

What not to do with our logo:
Rotate in any way

Change the colour

Skew the dimensions

Do not:

  • Stretch or rotate the logo’s shape horizontally or vertically
  • Change the spacing between the bottle outline and the word “IWSR” or its letters
  • Choose a different typeface for “IWSR”
  • Use any colours other than those in our Brand Colours section below
  • Add visual effects like a drop shadow
  • Change or replace the word “IWSR” in any way
  • Use the logo in a phrase or sentence
  • Add a pattern or image to the logo
  • Choose a new shape for the logo
  • The standard logo should not be placed on a black background due to a lack of visibility, and instead use the negative logo, and vice versa onto a white background
    • Authorised variations of our logo (including a negative logo) are available from our Brand Assets


If you have any questions about using our logo, and making sure you do so correctly (without violation of our brand guidelines), please contact our Press and Marketing team at

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