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Innovators in no/low-alcohol aim to build on the category’s success in the US

With consumer interest and acceptance growing, and companies innovating to push the category forward, the future looks bright for no/low alcohol drinks in the US


Are consumers willing to pay more for faster delivery?

IWSR findings show that delivery speed is now a key battleground for online alcohol sales


Ecommerce channel evolves into two overlapping worlds

Significant variations have developed both across and within markets in how different consumer groups shop online and what their priorities are


Radius trend: Premium vodka spritz RTDs

To capitalise on the growth of RTDs, some of the largest vodka brands have chosen the spritz serve for their RTD debuts


Flavour innovation trends for spirit-based RTDs in the US

Spirit-based RTDs are increasingly entering the US market, driven by consumer preference for the alcohol base and flavour options


Fewer younger LDA drinkers are entering the wine category - does it matter?

As wine faces increasing competition, brand owners need to engage an evolving audience


Chinese consumers drive over 30% of the global international status spirits market value

When international travel resumes, brand strategies targeting the Chinese consumer will be increasingly vital


Opportunities for no/low drinks beyond the traditional alcohol occasion

Key take-aways from IWSR's LinkedIn Live Briefing on the outlook of the no/low-alcohol market


Key stats: Russia’s alcohol market

As vodka comes under the spotlight amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, IWSR takes a deeper look at the Russian alcohol market


The key drivers shaping no/low-alcohol go-to-market strategies

Many brand owners are taking a two-pronged approach to investing in the no/low-alcohol space


The emergence of alcohol-branded NFTs

If leveraged effectively, NFTs could introduce brands to new ways of selling, as well as new ways of engaging with consumers


Premiumisation and the rise of RTDs drive shifts in category share

IWSR's analysis of global beverage alcohol category share 2010-21 presents a detailed picture with subtle regional variations


The growth of CBD and alcohol-adjacent drinks

New technology and the fast-growing no-alcohol segment are fuelling the rise of alcohol adjacencies in the US


No- and Low-Alcohol in Key Global Markets Reaches Almost US$10 Billion in Value

No/low alcohol continues to outperform full-alcohol and increase share of the total beverage alcohol market

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