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Argentina’s beverage alcohol industry uses social media to help drive demand during lockdown

Alcohol demand in Argentina remains strong amidst increased social media usage and off-premise ecommerce offerings


Familiar brands and large-size formats drive US consumers’ alcohol purchasing decisions

Despite recent government directives to stay at home, US beverage alcohol sales are buoyant as a result of shifts to ecommerce delivery and click-and-collect options


Social drinking at a time of social distancing

As people move their drinking and social habits to the online world, social media content & engagement that offers a sense of discovery, community and social giving will do well in today’s climate.


How the US Beverage Alcohol Industry is Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

The US alcohol industry accounts for 2.5 million jobs nationally across manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Industry stakeholders are stepping up to support their communities and to urge Congress to offer relief


For a resilient ecommerce strategy: think market, not channel

As we see more innovation, investment and consumers moving into the online space, brand owners need to view ecommerce as a market in its own right.


Hard kombucha taps into the wellness wave

As the wellness trend shapes consumer purchasing decisions, IWSR analysts expect hard kombucha's popularity to increase, primarily driven by a consumer preference for mindful drinking and healthier lifestyles.


Micro trend: Modern tiki - the reinvention of a retro cocktail experience with opportunities for premium rum

The often kitsch and over-the-top cocktail trend has waxed and waned in popularity over the years, but is starting to come back, only this time, in a more grown-up, sophisticated form.


Can emerging markets use gin’s UK success as a blueprint for growing the category locally?

IWSR analyses the potential for South Africa and Brazil to replicate gin's UK success


The IWSR Announces Plans to Launch a Risk Assessment Model for the Coronavirus

The IWSR Coronavirus Risk Assessment Model will give industry leaders the clarity needed to confidently respond to a serious event with global implications


Irish Whiskey Volumes Surge Nearly 9% in the US

The category's popularity extends beyond St. Patrick’s Day as new brands continue to come to market


When does eco-packaging fail the environment?

As ethical consumption continues to rise, the IWSR analyses eco-packaging innovation and the role it plays in the larger conversation around environmental sustainability


Can hard seltzers dominate outside the US?

The meteoric rise of hard seltzers, or hard sparkling water, in the US has been enabled by a confluence of trends. The IWSR analyses whether the drink's popularity could be mirrored in markets outside the US too


Micro trend: indigenous ingredients

Indigenous ingredients native to a particular location offer brands a distinctive and unique selling point. These can vary from fruits and vegetables to herbs and spices, and they’re on the rise.


Baijiu: the largest spirits category the US has never heard of

Can baijiu be successful in the US? IWSR analyses the spirit’s potential


Japan and Australia are the markets to watch for sparkling wine

Italy, Germany and the US lead the global sparkling wine category, as Japan and Australia emerge as key markets to watch

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