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Sparkling wine growth in the UK set to continue

The remarkable growth of sparkling wine in the UK will continue as it steals market share from still wine, forecasts the latest market analysis from the IWSR Vinexpo Report 2012-2022


Carlsberg looks toward alcohol-free beer: Interview with Jenny Syddall

The IWSR interviews Jenny Syddall, Carlsberg’s Global Insights and Analytics director to find out more


The Rise of Irish Whiskey and the Resilience of Jameson

The resilience of the brand can be attributed to its global brand recognition, steady marketing and innovation efforts


Value Of Wine To Top $207 Billion By 2022

IWSR press release preview


Radius 2019 Trend Predictions: Olfactory Drinks

The perfume and drinks worlds have enjoyed a close relationship for years. But in 2019, expect the sensorial relationship between taste and smell to be tapped into by ever more drinks makers


Radius 2019 Trend Predictions: Co-Fermentations

When is a wine a cider, and a cider a wine? Hybrid wine, beer and cider products that defy easy categorisation are on the rise


Radius 2019 Trend Predictions: Non-Alcoholic Dark Spirits

While the rest of the non-alcoholic category continues to expand in terms of variety, non-alcoholic spirits have not


Will ‘mocktails’ help drive the non-alcoholic spirits category?

The tectonics of the alcoholic drinks market are shifting in the developed world. Younger drinkers are increasingly shunning the sector or drinking less


Legal Cannabis Poses a Long-Term Risk

IWSR press release preview


Win-win for Fuller’s and Asahi

A top-notch acquisition for Asahi comes out of the blue, though all involved may just be far into the black in the not-too-distant future in this financial power-play


New global production hubs emerge

Expect further global hubs to emerge, creating regionally specific products, with uniquely local ingredients


Pantone® Dives Into 'Living Coral' As 'Colour of the Year'

Have we truly moved on from millennial pink? The plethora of pink drinks still coming to market suggests not


Where will the global beverage drinks market be by 2022?

Growth to moderate in coming years


Craft Spirits pick up pace in the US

Craft spirits in the US have continued to grow in scale and influence over the past several years


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