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Investments in tourism infrastructure will help beverage alcohol recovery in the Caribbean islands

One of the few bright spots in the region has been the performance of hard seltzers, particularly in the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.


Consumer curiosity underpins ecommerce evolution

Specialist drinks ecommerce platforms have seen a notable shift in the reach and scope of their businesses. IWSR speaks with UK-based drinks ecommerce platform, Master of Malt, about how online shopping is evolving


Are hard kombuchas the next better-for-you hard seltzer?

While still a small category relative to hard seltzers, hard kombuchas tend to be positioned at a premium price-point, enhancing value for brand owners


Australia and China underpin ongoing resilience for Asia Pacific beverage alcohol market

Beverage alcohol volume to grow over +2% in Asia Pacific in 2021


The ‘inverse-V’ shape of Covid-19

In some markets, Covid-19 prompted an unexpected shift in select spirits & wine categories, either reversing long-term declines or boosting growth paths.


US total beverage alcohol consumption in 2020 was the largest volume gain in nearly 20 years

Driven by consumer demand for flavour, convenience, and better-for-you options, key beverage alcohol segments were accelerated by the increase in at-home occasions in 2020 in the US


Will the growth of ecommerce cannibalise sales or offer incremental value?

IWSR analyses the impact and opportunities of ecommerce post-Covid-19


Global beverage alcohol expected to gain +3% volume in 2021

Resilience in key markets and brand owners’ swift response to changing market conditions leads IWSR to forecast alcohol consumption to grow by +1.5% CAGR 2021-2025


Should alcohol be treated like tobacco by lobbyists and lawmakers?

IWSR looks at how the two sectors vary, and why more draconian policies for alcohol could be counterintuitive


How is the hard lemonade trend evolving?

The lemonade flavour has become increasingly popular in beverage alcohol, with hard seltzers, RTDs and other beverage categories tapping into the trend. IWSR investigates what’s driving it and where it might head next


How might a Pernod Ricard & Brown-Forman merger shift the industry landscape?

IWSR looks at how the beverage alcohol industry landscape could change if Pernod Ricard and Brown-Forman were to merge


Increasing demand for nostalgic flavours in drinks

Nostalgic flavours such as peanut butter, lemonade and chocolate have become increasingly popular during the pandemic. IWSR looks at how the trend is manifesting in different beverage categories.


The US and China offer resilience and opportunity for drinks groups

Strong performances in China and the US have shielded multinational drinks companies from the fallout of Covid-19 in recent months. IWSR examines the reasons why.


How will the UK's alcohol ecommerce channel evolve in the mid- to long-term? [infographic]

IWSR analyses the drivers and evolution of the UK's alcohol ecommerce channel

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