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RTD volume share expected to double in next five years in top markets

Ready-to-Drink products will command 8% of Total Beverage Alcohol by 2025


How has Covid-19 altered consumer attitudes in the US?

As the weight of the pandemic starts to lift, drinks brands will need to strategise according to evolving consumer behaviours


Will wine take off in India?

IWSR analyses the outlook and drivers of the wine category in India


Brewers turn to product diversification to secure long-term growth in the US

IWSR analyses the outlook of the beer industry in the US


Hard Seltzers Are Evolving, Not Dying

IWSR analyses the evolution and future of the hard seltzer category in the US


Alcohol ecommerce maturity in Asia Pacific

IWSR analyses the differences in alcohol ecommerce maturity and consumer behaviour across the APAC region


Is beverage alcohol an attractive investment for private equity?

Private equity involvement in beverage alcohol has been limited. Will this change going forward?


Vodka’s premiumisation challenges and convergence with hard seltzers

Premium-plus vodka brand owners in the US need to bring fresh innovations to the market in order to reconnect with consumers


Fewer new wine drinkers enter the wine market in the US and China

There is a recruitment shortfall amongst wine drinkers in the US and China. How can wine businesses engage LDA Gen Z wine drinkers?


Growth opportunities for the global beer industry

The global beer industry needs to sharpen its focus on no/low products, at-home consumption and product diversification to drive post-pandemic recovery


Tequila volume overtakes bourbon and rum in the US – why?

Agave-based spirits are now the third largest spirits category in the US


Investments in tourism infrastructure will help beverage alcohol recovery in the Caribbean islands

One of the few bright spots in the region has been the performance of hard seltzers, particularly in the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.


Consumer curiosity underpins ecommerce evolution

Specialist drinks ecommerce platforms have seen a notable shift in the reach and scope of their businesses. IWSR speaks with UK-based drinks ecommerce platform, Master of Malt, about how online shopping is evolving


Are hard kombuchas the next better-for-you hard seltzer?

While still a small category relative to hard seltzers, hard kombuchas tend to be positioned at a premium price-point, enhancing value for brand owners

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